5 Secrets to a celebrity smile

Few things shine brighter on a red carpet than an A-list celebrity—and while they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, they generally have one brilliant thing in common: a flawless smile. A rare few have great genes to thank, while most have top-tier dentists at the helm; for most, those celebrity smiles do not just happen. Here are 5 things you can do to get your own celebrity-worthy smile:

#1 – It starts at home. Regular dental care is absolutely important, but the first step to a celebrity smile is taking care of your teeth every day. That means brushing and flossing regularly after meals, as well as after you eat or drink staining agents like coffee, red wine or tea, for starters. Avoid sugar and when you do indulge, make sure to brush and floss well afterward.

#2 – The whiter, the better. If regular at-home oral care is the foundation for a celebrity smile, then white teeth is the framing… and perhaps the utilities, too. When you smile, people notice one of two things first: how straight your teeth are and how white they are. There are plenty of at-home whitening devices you can try (whitening toothpastes, bleach strips or at-home kits, etc.), but cosmetic dentists have access to stronger formulas than you can get over the counter, not to mention the option for custom trays which will ensure a perfect fit for every tooth (no weird streaking or missed spots). Anything is better than nothing, but be sure to check with your dentist for what they offer and recommend for the biggest impact.

#3 – They have to be straight. The odd celebrity has made it with wonky teeth, but a perfect, straight smile, is clearly more desirable. Braces are always an option, but invisible treatments, like Invisalign® remain the preferred avenue for most adults due to their discretion and quick results. Costs will vary based on the degree of correction needed, but it’s almost always worth the cost to get great results.

#4 – Veneers fix all. If you have a bit of budget to work with, veneers are a go-to for celebrities—and for good reason: they give a perfect smile! Sometimes there are stains that simply won’t go away or, even if the stains have lifted, the enamel is just naturally more ivory than someone would like, preventing a truly white smile. In other cases, someone may have small chips or irregularities in their teeth shape; veneers can fix all of these cosmetic imperfections with a relatively simple process. After removing a very thin layer off the tooth (or teeth), a custom pre-fabricated veneer is placed that covers all those imperfections and leaves a perfect, lasting celebrity smile that is white, bright, and perfectly shaped.

#5 – Missing teeth? It likely goes without saying that, to have a celebrity smile, you need to have a full set of teeth. Some people have had the misfortune of losing a tooth permanently or having large chips or breaks. If this is your circumstance, you have a variety of options, but an implant(s) is likely your best, most lasting solution.

Celebrity smiles are rarely natural, and instead, the result of planning, great oral care, and a quality cosmetic dentist. If you haven’t yet come up with a plan to perfect your own smile, give your dentist a call. If you’re not ready to take the leap just yet, get started with a simple whitening and, always, with regular brushing and flossing